Kate Ballantyne
When I first picked up my dad's guitar at age eight I had no idea that was the moment that would change the path of my life. Music has brought so much colour to my otherwise black and white life. I have travelled this beautiful country performing the music I love. I consider myself one of the luckiest chick singers in the world to have the opportunity to be 1/3 of Bella, a group that still makes the hair on my neck stand on end when I hear them (us). Lyn Bowtell and Karen O'Shea are two of the most FABULOUS voices in Australian County music and I feel blessed to have learnt and continue to learn so much from them.I can't explain it but it's some kinda wonderful we have together.Maybe it's kindred spirits, all I do know is it's unique. I feel honoured to have been given all of these opportunities. I have made some wonderful friends along the way and have some amazing memories of my journey

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Sunday Afternoon Entertainment

8/07/2012 - 8/07/2012

Location: Lounge Deck
Region: Local Region